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Poultry keeping equipment


Modell: PH-130


1. Main feeding system 

the whole poultry farm equipment consist of the Main feeding system , feeding system ,nipple drinking system , ventilation system , environment controller system , cooling pads , spraying system and heater 

Main Feeding system consists of a driving , a silo, a conveying pipe, auger and feed sensor. the main feeding system i mainly used to convey feed from thee silo  into hopper of the feeding lines and automatically control the conveying opening. closing of the motor by the feed sensor to achive the automatical feeding 

Material description: silo roof plate ans silo wall plate layer-galvanized sheets with the thickness of 1.2mm ,second layer of silo wall plate-galvanized seet with the thickness of 1.5mm conical bottom plate- galvanized sheet with the thickness of 1.5m.

you can choose the motor siemens , transtechno and Tanwai motor 

Auger from South Africa  feeding capacity:1400kg/h,max. 

Diamter of conveying pipe 75mm*4.2mm material PVC 

2. Automatic feeding system 

automatic feeding system consist of a driving system device , a hopper , a conveying pipe, auger , feed pan , a suspention lifting device , and anti-roost devicce and feed sensor 

the main function of the system is to convey feed from the hopper into each feed pan to ensure the eating of the chicken and automatically control the conveying opening /close of the motor by the feed sensor to achive the aim of automatic feeding 

motor specifications: Brand , simens motor , transtechno motor , taiwan motor 

Mini hopper:

hopper capacity:75L , raw material: galvanize sheet 

feeding system: diameter of conveying pipe: 45mm

Material:hot-dip galvanized  steel pipe with the zic coating amount of more than 275g/m2

Auger from South Africa  feeding capacity 450kg/H 

Feed sensor : feed sensor from Germany

we have three kind of feeding system and the suspention of the feeding system accessories we use stainless steel which price is ten times higher than the galvanized ones 

3. Nipple drinking system 

its main function is to deliver water to drinking pipe . the water will flow out automatically when the chicken toch the nipple.

the water front line

the water front line front-end module is a starting point of the water source of the hosue ,can assure the reasonable and steady water supply pressure and the steady water drinking amount, generally , the waterline front-end module is installed the operationg room .


water level display height 

chicken day age (days ) 1-7 days  8-14 days  more than 15 days 
water level height of display tube(mm) 50-80mm 80-200mm 200-350mm 

we have three kind of water lines that you can choose the one that your preper 

the water drip cups , water pipes and clips are made of vigin raw material the warranty time is 15 years. 

nipple then years, the hang pieces such as the bolts and nuts , steel wire clips ,pulley and so on are made of stainless steel. in order to anti-rust in the chicken house

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